Course Overview

This Unique course of Video and Photo Editing at Creative IT Engineering & Multimedia Institutes provides the tools to teach the visual language of current media form.

This course provides various ways for student to reconstruct videos and audios. This course is focus on usic and sound effects, graphics and compositing elements, multiple characters, multiple subplots etc. This course will help student to learn overall concept of editing.

Photo Editing

Module I

  • Photo/Image Editing
  • Photo/Image Cleaning & Cloning
  • Photo/Image Manipulation
  • Photo/Image Restoration
  • Photo/Image Stitching
  • Photo/Image Shading
  • Photo/Image Watermark / Signature
  • Photo/Image Bordering & Image Cropping
  • Photo/Image Enhancement | Photo Enhancement (Color Correction)
  • Photo/Image Path or Photoshop Masking / Image Clipping
  • Photo/Image Coloring |Image Colorization (Black & White to Color)
  • Photo/Image Re-touching | Photograph Retouching
  • Video/Audio Editing

    Semester I

  • Digital Video/Sound Editing & Proofing
  • Green Screening Editing
  • Music Placement/Edition
  • Animation Effect